Dealer Network


OMP America recommends that you purchase OMP “Genuine Products” through our Distribution Network of the Americas.

We are well aware that, due to the growth of the Internet as an online marketplace, products sold by unauthorized online retailers could be “Counterfeit Goods” and you don’t want to put your own safety at risk with fake products: Always be alert on what you buy and where. If a price it’s too good to be true think twice!

Also, please note that “Genuine Goods” from overseas markets independently imported into the United States or in the Americas are considered “Gray Market Goods” that do not pay Customs Duties. For this reason OMP America, our U.S. dealers and our Distributors of the Americas are unable to make exchanges or take returns. Additionally, Gray Market Goods may differ in some way from Genuine Goods such as lacking of OMP America’s warranty protection.

We strongly suggest you purchase OMP from Authorized Dealers in the U.S. or in your Country and take advantage of the technical advice and the excellent Customer Service our dealers provide. OMP America supports and protects our dealer network of the Americas that significantly invest in customer service, showroom, trackside, quality and advertising.